Thursday, May 5, 2011

Did you hate recess as a kid? ( And are you a fitbot?)


Remember in school when you had three recesses, a total of 60 minutes spent outside whether you liked it or not.

You might have wasted a few minutes wondering about, hemhauling... But eventually you'd find something. It was often active, a jaunt across the monkey bars, swinging, tetherball or tag.

Kids need those recesses. They play. They get some fresh air. Soak up some Vitamin D. And oddly enough, they release energy and refresh energy.


Don't you need release and refresh too?

Many working men and women get breaks. But they rarely take a real recess.

Maybe it's the higher process thinking of adults. We can blame it on responsibilities and rationalization. There are just too many other things to do.

Or maybe it's just not ideal enough to get outside. Too cold, too gray, too warm, too bright...

And then the over-used excuse... I'm tired!

Perhaps we need an authoritave figure shoving us out the door each day to remind us of what's good for us. HINT - It's not more screen time.

When you play, you work better. When you breathe, you feel better. When you get some sun, you start to sing.

It's not scientific. But I dare you to test it.

Take plenty of recesses this month. You might be surprised how it affects your total health.


When did we become programmed to think that the only way to get fit is to become a slave to a computerized machine?

Many people join a gym--kudos, really--but they don't enjoy getting fit. It's like they're robots doing the same program day-after-day, just to reach a goal. And some never reach it, because they can't be fitbots. It's against their nature.

Now, to be clear here, setting goals and follow-through is good... But you don't have to be a fit-bot!

There are too many other things that we have to do on auto-pilot. Staying (getting) fit doesn't have to be one.

Humanize your program. Interact with others AND have fun getting fit. Take classes. Join sport groups. Find a routine that allows for variety.

A Combination of an Hour at the Gym and Recess -- YES! Beach Bootcamp is back!

Often, what you don't need is a personal trainer.

What you need is that cool gym teacher that watched over the long recess period.

The one that got everyone involved and joined in the fun.

The one that let you play a minute or two longer after the bell rings.

If you didn't have that great experience with school or if you're tired of the fitbot thing, get outside this month with me and experience recess like you've never experienced.

Starting this coming week--May 10th and 12th. I'll be kicking off fitness workshops each Tuesday and Thursday morning at 9 to 10 AM.

Forget coffee and sugar. This is your morning rev.

Meet me at the Lake Harbor Park.

Bring a towel, bring water, wear sunscreen, and tell a friend.

Just $5 per class. Chewing gum is allowed.

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