Thursday, September 16, 2010

How to Enjoy Fall's Festive Foods Without Guilt or Weight Gain

Boualem's Fit 'N Healthy Times, September mid-month edition


There's something about the return of cool weather and a warm kitchen. People are talking about food everywhere I go--it's pie season, you know. And if they are not cooking, they're ordering out the foods they're suddenly craving--meaty, potatoey, stewy, soupy, creamy, rich and/or luscious.

Fall is great in Michigan, but temptation to eat more fatty filling foods to prepare for a snowy blowy winter is probably not just in our head.

But the truth of the matter! (Cold, hard truth!) Your cravings are not nutrient-necessary. Nor is it relevant in a modern, relatively wealthy society. With 24/7 super markets and food stations, most of us don't need to bulk up for fear of food shortages.

Yeah, sure a couple extra pounds hidden by sweaters and shed in spring isn't going to hurt those who maintain a healthy weight. Weight maintenance is a balancing act. However, the average adult does not shed yearly weight gain.

So, when you're putting your summer clothes away and getting out fall/winter clothes or thinking of ordering a large mocha with whipped cream for the fourth time this week, remember: Weight maintenance is not seasonal.


Despite what I just wrote, you have to know that I love food. I love eating. And I love foods that are not on Muscle & Fitness Clean Eating List!

So, my advice on the best of both worlds. Enjoy life. Grab a hold of your mixing bowl and spoon, enjoy the fall foods. But remember BALANCE!

But what does "balance" look like when giving in to "a-moment-on-your-lips-and-forever on-your-hips" kind of temptation?

1) Immediately ration the prized creation - think small portions and freeze leftovers so it can't be consumed in one guilt-ridden binge-fest
2) Share excess goodies with neighbors and friends
3) Serve healthy sides so that you don't fill up all on one heavy dish!
4) Eat a small balanced meal before dishing out dessert
5) Don't make yourself feel bad! Guilt and fear will only create more temptation to indulge all the time!
6) Keep fitness a priority--it may not be your highest priority, but keep it on the list.

As for a healthy recipe, we're referring you to a local CSA blog for an appetizing, different kind of radish salad. Check it out and eat well!

Do you need help keeping fitness a priority this fall? Contact me!
I've got many options--from one-on-one personal training to group training, outdoor training and VERY SOON kickboxing. Whoo-hoo! I'm excited for fall.

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