Saturday, August 28, 2010

Solo or Group Exercises--What recharges you?

They say that if you look at two different personality types of people, the extrovert and the introvert, they're both unique in the way in which they recharge. Extroverts-the outgoing and more outspoken personality-get recharged in group settings. Introverts, however, crave alone time, and feel rejuvenated after quiet alone time.

Just understanding your personality type can help you find an exercise routine that will become what exercise should be--therapeutic, fun, reinvigorating!

But whether you prefer working out with a buddy or two--three, four or ten, or whether you enjoy going solo with just you and your music, I'm learning that all personality types get a charge out of an occasional group fitness setting, extroverted or not. It's like being a kid again and playing with all your cousins at the reunion. Sure, you may not know them that well, but you have fun together! And if you keep coming to the gathering, they become friends!

So, what am I saying? Whether you're a solo or group exerciser, try a fitness class. If it doesn't enhance your fitness life--which I'm betting it will--it will enhance your social life. Introverts may try to deny it, but the truth is: people need people--period! A smile and a kind word always lift the spirit!

Speaking of classes, a good dose of exercise, mixed with socialization and placed in the outdoor air is a recipe for good health, inside and out. Come to a class at Lake Harbor Park, Norton Shores. We meet in the parking lot and take it out to the beach. It's a great time. The people are nice, the instructor is fun to make fun of and you will be recharged.

How much?
Just $5 per class, free for 17 years and under. And if you're really recharged and love the group setting, there are discounts for multiple sessions within a week. I like to keep this commitment-free. You only pay for what you want--and what you want often changes weekly. I understand!

Of course, if you're a more introverted personality but like the idea of personalized instruction, contact me. I offer free initial consultations and short- term packages just to get you conditioned and ready for an independent exercise program!


Despite the cool new moves in the most current body building books and magazines, there are some things that don't change. I'll let you in on the basics of bodybuilding, month by month. If you want to transform your body into a calorie-burning, sculpted machine, pay attention.

This month's spotlight? LEGS!

My big 3 for the LEGS are: LUNGES, SQUATS, DEADLIFTS. No big surprise if you've ever spent time exercising either with a trainer, fitness class or video...

Just to let you know, if you're a cardiovascular king or queen and enjoy running and other leg-emphasizing exercise, this is good, but it's not enough. If you want tight, toned, sculpted legs, you have to do resistance exercise. If you want to prevent injury and keep running--or whatever it is, these three exercises will keep you on your course.

AND for the weight lifter, DO NOT not train legs. I don't care what your excuse is. If you only work your upper body, you'll create unhealthy imbalance. Do it consistently and (good form too, and) you'll see great results.

That's it for this month...Stay tuned this month, as we'll feature some healthy recipes and other fitness/health morsels.

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