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Do you know what you want?

Boualem's Fit 'N Healthy Times, March 2010

The Goal Killers

With any kind of goal, it is important to be very specific and focused on what you want--or you might end up chasing a goal you hadn't thought of!

The biggest problem with fitness and body-makeover plans are not necessarily the plans themselves. The plans are fine. But plans are plans. They're not magic.

It's like being told that if you listen to foreign language tapes while you sleep, you'll pick up the language automatically. It doesn't happen!!!

Plans require dedication. Plans require action.

So, if you have a good plan. Why aren't you implementing it?

There are four reasons--or a combination of four--why people won't follow through with a plan.

1. Distracted!

Take for example, the ectomorph^ who wants to build a more muscular, shapely body. So she cuts down her cardio for two weeks. Week 3 and she decides to try the new 90-minute dance class--falls in love with it. Week 4 and her friend challenges her to run a 5k. 8 weeks later and she's actually lost muscle mass.

2. An underlying fear!

Another ectomorph wants to have arms like Jillian Michaels. Her trainers tell her to eat more to gain more. But as soon as she sees the scale move up, she cuts back her food. Her problem? She's really afraid of gaining weight--even healthy weight.

3. Refusing to change!

An endomorphic* musclebuilder--whose mission is to "shred"--doesn't shred. Why? He refuses to run, bike--or do anything except weight train. He'll take tons of supplements but avoids the one thing that will complete his mission.

4. Unconvinced!

The man who starts an exercise program to lose weight stops shortly after 3 weeks. He decides he can lose weight without the fitness aspect. He's active enough on the weekends with household chores. He just really doesn't think a fitness program is that important, and even though he has a goal, it just doesn't fit with his priorities.

Has your action plan been sitting on the side gathering dust?

Ask yourself: Is there something you're afraid of? Can you get over it? Do you really want what you say you want, r oare your priorities set in concrete? And, can you change your mind or your attitude?

If you're honest with yourself, you might find that it doesn't really make sense to work for Jillian Michael arms. That's alright. It's okay to kill a goal. Just don't give up on feeling your best. You can still strive to be fit and healthy. You can find a routine that transforms your body to YOUR unique shape.

Personal training is a lot like being a spark plug in the car engine. I don't do the work--you do. But I can get you fired up. Then, it's all up to you. Can I help you?

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Body Types & How It Affect the Workout

I mentioned two body types: ectomorph and endomorph. Do you know what these are?

A. An ectomorph is someone who struggles to put on weight. They're genetically thin and often don't need to do cardio for weight maintenance. (Although cardiovascular health is important for all body types.) And they do have problems with putting on muscles... Heavy weights and increased food consumption will help those wanting to form a shapely, less-twiggy body.

B. An endomorph is the opposite of an ectomorph. They gain weight easily and can be very strong. But it's hard for the ectomorph to lose weight. In addition to a resistance program, a careful nutrition plan and a consistent cardiovascular program is essential for slimming (or shredding).

C. A mesomorph is the third type, the most envied body type. Just a little bit of effort goes a long way. Their body builds muscle rather easily and can look quite athletic without hours and hours of dedication.

Of course, not everyone falls into one of these categories. A lot of us are mixes. Some could be considered meso-endo, ecto-meso, et cetera. (Which makes fitness a little less clear-cut than the above prescriptions!)

Consider your body type before making a realistic goal. Don't try for the Kate Moss look if you're an endomorph. It will be a frustrating--not to mention, unhealthy--task. Accept the body you're given; each body type has its perks.

Your Body Needs Something

Yes, sometimes our bodies lack something and so we eat or crave a food to fill the void. For example, we crave meat when we're low in iron, sometimes. Or, we crave carbohydrates when serotonin* levels dip.

But often, are we really filling the void? Are you grabbing coffee or sugar instead of the nutrient you need? And is it really a nutrient that is missing?

Ask yourself before you eat something out of "need"--are you really hungry or do you need something other than food? Maybe you're overtired--what you really need is a nap! Maybe you're dehydrated. Drink a tall glass of water.

*serotonins - a mood-enhancing neurotransmitter regulating appetite, digestion and many other things

Eggless Salmon Patties

Quick, easy-to-make, omega-rich salmon patties are a hit with kids and adults. No mayonnaise and no eggs. Play with the amount of pepper for extra heat, and consider topping with diced tomatoes, yogurt or salsa.

•Low in sodium
•Very low in sugar
•High in niacin
•Very high in selenium
•High in vitamin B6
•High in vitamin B12

14 3/4 oz pink salmon, shredded
1/2 c old-fashioned oatmeal
1/3 onions, diced
6 tbsp milled flax seed
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1/4 tsp ground black pepper
2 tbsp milled flax seed
6 tbsp cold water

1.Prepare salmon if using fresh. Or use canned salmon.
2.Break salmon in pieces with a fork.
3.Dice the onion and throw in with the salmon.
4.Add the oatmeal, the 6 tbsp of milled flax seed (oil replacement), and spices.
5.In a separate, small bowl, add 6 tbsp of cold water to 2 tbsp of milled flax seed. Let sit for 2 minutes. (This is the egg replacement.)
6.Form into 8 patties and place on grill or skillet. (We use the George Foreman grill for fasting cooking time.)
7.Let cook for until golden brown on top and bottom.

Serving size: 79.7 g
Calories 159 (Calories from Fat 84)
Total Fat: 9.3g, Saturated Fat 1.4g
Cholesterol: 33mg
Sodium: 33mg
Total Carbohydrates: 6.0g
Dietary Fiber 2.6g
Protein 13.8g

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